Tenders and procurements are not only an opportunity to increase sales, but also a great way to introduce aproduct to a new market and, in the long run, to expand presence in the region.

Unikmed Baltija has a sound experience participating in tenders in the Baltic States and the CIS. Over thepast year, we have taken part in tenders for over 300 pharmaceutical items worth more than €50 mln.

We regularly monitor all announced and completed tenders, which allows us to thoroughly study themarket situation and predict future market needs. Thanks to many years of experience in tendering in themarkets of different countries, the Unikmed Baltija team knows all the subtleties of the procedure, whichallows to win tenders with optimal effort and time investment.

We fully carry out the process of preparing documents for the tender, submitting a tender offer, andimplementing a commercial strategy for winning the tender. When the tender is over and the supply isawarded, we also carry out the paperwork, planning and control of supplies, supervising the logistics,quality control (if necessary) and pharmacovigilance up to the moment of full fulfillment of obligations tothe Buyer according to the contract awarded.

We invite all companies, interested in tendering on our target markets, to get in touch with us and from ourside guarantee full support at all stages of participation in the tender and subsequent delivery of theproduct.