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Pharmaceutical consulting

UnikMed Baltija carries out a comprehensive market analysis, revealing the latest trends and specificity of the target market, determining the main product competitors and making a sales forecast, which will help the customer to make a deliberate decision to enter

Registration of pharmaceutical products

UnikMed Baltija carries on the registration of medicines and nutritional supplements in the CIS and Baltic countries, which ensures the successful launch of a new product. UnikMed Baltija supports the full process of the product registration, starting from the collection

Distribution of medicines

UnikMed Baltija helps to determine the best possible distribution channels for the customer’s products, to build efficient supply chains and to select the right partners for product distribution on the local market.

Promotion of medicines

UnikMed Baltija offers a wide range of services to promote customer’s products in the CIS and Baltic markets, including development of a marketing strategy, shaping of demand for the product, work with opinion leaders as well as offering solutions aimed


Tenders and procurements are not only an opportunity to increase sales, but also a great way to introduce a product to a new market and, in the long run, to expand presence in the region.